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When you use our services, you automatically agree with our conditions. Please, find a few minutes to review the given User Agreement. The current regulations make an agreement between the User and the Administration of the site concerning the procedure of using the site and its services and replace all the other agreements between a User and Administration.

The current User Agreement (hereafter the Agreement) defines the conditions for using the Site (here after the Site), the rights and obligations of the Administration of the Site (hereafter the Site Administration) and the Users of the Site (hereafter Users) concerning provision of opportunities for users interconnection in order to receive and to render educational, linguistic and translation services, procedures of payment for services between Users.

1. Definition of terms

1.1. The Administration of the site  (hereafter the Site Administration) is represented by authorized employees of the site management acting on behalf of the site, who organize  and/or process, as well as define purposes of personal data processing, content of personal data subjected to processing, actions (operations) with personal data. 

1.2. The Site User (hereafter a User) is a person who has access to the Site via the Internet.

1.3. Profile is the place on the Site where the information about a User will be published including necessary personal data published in accordance with conditions stated in the Agreement.

1.4. Account is a component that exists in the Site database, confirming the fact of User’s presence on the Site which allows: to access to the services after entering a unique login and password, to update the data published in the Profile, to change settings of the account.

1.5. Taratorki (TT) is the currency of the Site which Users use for payment for linguistic and non-linguistic courses, lessons, interpreting and translating on the Site.

2. General provisions

2.1. The current agreement of the Site was developed by the Site Administration. It defines conditions for using and developing the Site, as well as the rights and obligations of Users and Administration. Regulations are also applied to relationships connected with the rights and interests of the third parties who are not Users of the Site but their interests can be affected in the result of the Site Users’ actions.

2.2. The current regulations represent legally obligatory agreement between a User and the Administration of the Site, its subject is provision of the services to a User by the Site Administration (hereafter services).

2.3. When a User logins the Site and registers in accordance with the current Agreement, s/he completely accepts all the provisions of the current regulations, Privacy Policy, also s/he is obliged to follow the recommendations for using the Site.  If a User does not agree with any point of regulations and Privacy Policy, s/he is obliged immediately to stop using and to quit the site (to delete his/her account). Registered users of services are hereafter “Users” called, non-registered users are called “Visitors”. The current Agreement is applied to both of them.

2.4. The Site renders services on interaction of Users with each other for studying foreign languages and for providing and getting translations. The Site Users are provided with the catalogue of teachers of FL, translators, interpreters, and tutors.

2.5. In order to have access to the services rendered at, it is obligatory to create user’s account. In order to create the account a User must provide e-mail address and set the password. User’s personal data including name, surname, and profile image is not confidential information and it is available for everyone.

2.6.        After activating the account a user must fill in his profile at with the following details: name, surname, phone number, country, city, address, skype, password, native language, foreign languages you are competent in, photo, gender, date of birth, qualification, information about themselves. Data must be entered into corresponding fields. A User is obliged to update his/her data in order the information should be accurate and complete. In case a User deletes these details s/he cannot use

2.7.   When a user uploads his/her data, images, audio and video materials, s/he agrees that they will be available for other users for personal purposes.   

2.8. When a User has access to the Site, s/he guarantees that s/he has all the rights and powers required to fulfil the Agreement, and that s/he is an adult and capable person of the full legal age and can use charged services.

2.9. Signing User Agreement you confirm that you agree to adhere to payment terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these conditions, you do not have the right to use charged services on the Site.

2.10. The Site offers commercial and free educational materials, texts, lessons in the section Library. An access to charged education materials is provided to the registered users after they have purchased taratotki and successful payment for unblocking materials.

2.11. The Site uses virtual currency called TARATORKI (hereafter TT). If registered users deletes his/her account from, unused TT will be deleted too and won’t be compensated by the Site. TT can be used in future by registered users for payment of services at the site

2.12. The Site Administration can change and amend the current Regulations at any moment at its discretion without previous or further notice of a User. Amendments of the current Regulations come into force as soon as they are uploaded on the Site. The use of the Site after the current Regulations have come into force imply that a User agrees with them.

2.13. A User of can be only individual person with full legal capacity as well as people with limited legal capacity who have consent of legal representative.

2.14. A User is obliged to review the current Agreement before registration on the Site. Registration of a User on the Site implies complete and unconditional acceptance of the current Agreement by a User. If a User does not agree with any point of the current Regulations s/he is obliged immediately delete his/her account. The current Regulations come into force for a User since the moment of his/her registration on and extend for uncertain period.

2.15. When a User registers on the Site, s/he agrees that his/her personal data will be processed. The Site  process User’s personal data in accordance with Privacy Policy.

2.16. The Site Administration can immediately terminate Regulations on providing services without giving any reason, completing the Agreement and deleting User’s account. Also the Site Administration reserves the right to delete User’s account whose actions are considered to be harmful for Unacceptable actions can also be considered as criminal offense in accordance with provisions of RK Criminal Code.

2.17. The administrators have the right to suspend or to stop User’s account operation if they suspect that User’s data is not consistent with the reality. If there are reasonable doubts in reliability of details entered by a User, the Administrator can require to provide User’s documents confirming this data.

2.18. A User can terminate the Agreement by deleting his/her account with own hands or by notifying the Administrator of the Site. If a user notifies the Site Administration, about his/her deleting account, the termination will occur at the end of the notice period (72h).


3.1. To use the Site or mobile application via any available device

3.2.   To have an access to the information about the amount of TT on the account as well as about of “VIP-status” service action and other charged services on any computer or mobile device under condition that a User is authorized, i.e. he used his/her login and password when s/he entered the Site or an application on a mobile device.

3.3. Malfunction of can be presented to the Site Administration by notifying the Administrator. It will be considered within the period of not more than 14 days since the date of notification. The Site Administration reserves the right not to consider a complaint if it is the result of ignoring the current Agreement.

4.             OBLIGATIONS OF USERS:

4.1.   Not to use the Site for uploading, sending, or any other way of publishing materials, documents and photos that are illegal, threatening, injuring morality and human dignity as well as those ones containing gross and insulting words and expressions. 

4.2. Not to use the Site for uploading, sending, or any other way of publishing materials containing viruses and other codes, files, and programs intended for damage, destruct or limit functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs.

4.3. To provide true, accurate and complete information about oneself in Registration form and regularly update this information.

4.4. Notify the Site Administration immediately about any case of unauthorized access with login and password of a User (not allowed by a User) or about any other the Site security violation.

4.5. Not to publish email address, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contacts in available access.

4.6. Not to publish in available access any materials requiring authorship without consent of the possessor of the right in available access

4.7. Do not use the Site for uploading advertising, commercial offers, agitation materials, for delivering spam, chain-messages (these are messages required for transmitting to one or more users), pyramid schemes or appeal to participate in them, or some other intrusive information.

4.8. Do not publish insults, libel, non-printable words, pornographic, or any amoral materials, those ones demonstrating violence or terror, materials injuring human dignity or any other illegal materials.   

4.9. Do not use more than one account for working on the Site.

4.10. Do not make transactions and do not suggest other people to make transactions with other Users in respect of any goods, jobs, services, do not use the Site for advertising purposes or for distributing materials of illegal propaganda, do not molest and pursue other Users of the Site, do not be engaged in pimping.

4.11. A User realizes that materials posted on the Site can be available for other Internet users, and the Site Administration is not responsible for their actions.

4.12. Users will be immediately informed about any changes in the current User Agreement of the Site. A User is obliged to review the changes and tick the note “I read and understood the current Agreement”, thus s/he agrees with the rules of using the Site  in accordance with provisions of their new edition.

4.13. A User is obliged to refrain from any actions that can destroy functioning of, to respect authors’ rights of other Users, as well as refrain from any actions that invade privacy of other Users, in particular those ones who are engaged in collection, processing and distribution of information about other Users without their evident consent.

4.14. User’s profile can contain only photos where s/he can be recognized. It is allowed to use avatar, but a User must have the author’s right on it or to get the author’s permission. A User gives his/her consent to the access of other Users to his/her photo. It is forbidden to upload photos of other people on

5.  Rights of Site Administration

5.1. The Site Administration reserves the right to make amendments to the current Agreement, Privacy Conditions at any time without pre-notification and justification of such amendments in their reasonable discretion. Amendments come into force as soon as new version of User Agreement and Privacy Conditions are published.

5.2. The Site Administration reserves the right to delete photos that can be considered inappropriate without notification. Posting of inappropriate photo can cause User’s account delete without pre-notification. The administrators can also delete materials and information of a User that do not comply with norms of applicable law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Site Administration has the right to turn down to a User in accessing the Site in case of his/her breaching Agreement conditions.

5.3. The Site Administration reserves the right to delete profiles that contain the information contradicting User Agreement or negatively affecting the image as well as suspend or reject the User’s registration and refuse him/her to use opportunities of the Site in case of his/her breaching Agreement conditions.

5.4. In case of cancelling or deleting the registration of a User, the Site Administration can hold back bonus TT that were added while s/he used the Site.

5.5. The Site Administration has the right to request User’s documents verifying all necessary rights for posting materials (photos, programs etc.) on the Site.

5.6. The Site Administration has the right to send the information about the Site development and its services to a User, as well as to advertise their own products and services.

5.7. Site reserves the right to interfere User’s account for fixing failures in the service operation and in case of breakdown and problems with the account.

5.8. Any content posted by a User is subjected to reviewing before it is added and it also can be deleted without notification and justification

5.9. The Site Administration is not responsible for the content of private messages sent by a User. Users who send messages with the content that breaks the law are civilly and criminally liable.

6. Responsibility restriction of the Site Administration

6.1. The Site Administration is not responsible and do not guarantee that the Site and its services can be appropriate or inappropriate for certain purpose use. The Site Administration cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results due to the use of the Site and its services.

6.2. The Site Administration does not control and is not responsible for lessons content, methods of teaching, materials and quality of translations. A User takes at his/her own risk payment for any service.

6.3. The Site Administration and their representatives are not liable to a User for any third persons for any indirect, occasional, accidental damage including missed profit or lost data, real injury, harm to business reputation caused by using the Site or by the Site content and other materials you or other people have an access to with the help of the Site including mobile devices and other facilities.

6.4. The Site Administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and breakdowns in the Site operation, for temporary technical failures and breakdowns in operation of communication lines or similar failures, as well as for breakdown of the computer used for going online by a User.

6.5. The Site Administration is not responsible for the loss of personal data (login and password).

All exclusive rights concerning the Site belong to Administration and protected by intellectual property legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.